10 “Thanks-filled” steps in the Hennessy’s Future

What I see for our Future

A few of the latter listed items could change in a moment if God changes our thinking or clarifies it further. Plus, what I think our future will be like doesn’t mean a thing, if it isn’t what God plans. However, having a vision or goal to strive for drives you and many of the things I will reference below, I do feel are a stirring from the Lord.

We will:
1. Stay under the Headship and leading of the Lord and the men and women God has placed us under.

2. Keep our marriage and relationship with our kids elevated above all other stresses, tasks, callings. And when other things try to push their way in….see it and put it in check!

3. Raise funds personally and be “tentmakers” as to support and invest into our own ministry work. When we finally took the blinders off that had said, “ministry is where our paycheck comes from” and saw that God will bless business too, we have had our socks blown off! God is revealing to us how He can use our talents to make the money that can fund our ministry rather than continue on the struggle of never enough money to fund what God’s called us to do!! We don’t want to wait on a big tither or donor….we want to be those people!

4. Open a coffee roasting house in whatever city God leads us to take root. Use the knowledge I am gaining from managing La Java to reproduce effective practices in our own place. Not be a “Christian” coffee house…just be a socially & environmentally aware coffee house and allow the culture to develop.

5. Provide a Lifeskills Care Center merging the concepts of Life Skills International, which changed us forever emotionally, and Life Care which functions like a body of believers with a focus on emotional and spiritual health. This would not be overtly “Christian” either as to encourage people of all kinds to come for help and support.

6. To then hold Sunday gatherings to worship and hear the Word preached. To provide a place to love God and each other corporately. To offer sound teaching for kids and make them a priority because most couples “come back” to the Lord and church for the sake of their kids.

7. To see our “secular” jobs at the Coffee house and Lifeskills become a feeder to our gatherings on an individual, when they ask basis. We would need the patience and perseverance to build a relationship with them and wait for the leading and opening God will provide to take them a step further….into salvation and fellowship with the body of Christ.

8. To have many friends and peers in ministry come work with us. To get to do life together. To all be able to fulfill our callings in different ways as to reach different people. To not have any process or program in a box but to let God-given dreams sore and reach people in unorthodox and perhaps more effective ways.

9. To know our city and be a part of every facet of it. To be a benefit to our neighborhoods, local businesses, city government, volunteer efforts, festivals, schools, and its economy. To be aware of our surroundings and never try to “separate ourselves”. We will dive in and be IN the world, not OF it personally.

10. As this continues to unfold, we will be patient to not determine the time, city, or partners we will work with. We will wait on the Lord, knowing He has it all mapped out for us. We will just strive to be ready in His sight for Him to reveal it.

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