Monthly Archives: March 2011

Always something new….are you up for a challenge?

Our life is never boring! Never! And I am usually happy about that. Rarely is that a bad thing to me. But sometimes I slip into moments of wanting dull….then I wake up and realize that’s not what I was called for. I am called to be me and God asks a lot. A challenge is what makes me tick. 

And so, we are not bored in this new adventure God has placed us in. We are enjoying consulting, vision casting, marketing and bringing Canyonville Christian School to the next level. A welcomed challenge and exciting experience. Of course a challenge that doesn’t include working with people would not be our interest at all. Yet again, God has joined us with amazing people who have been warm, welcoming and very helpful in moving CCA ahead. 

Shawn and I’s heads are spinning with all there is to do and people to meet and decisions to make but it couldn’t be more fun! I journaled last night how thankful I am for being honored with such roles here in Oregon. Each day and sometimes each hour unfolds something new! So glad to never be bored! Be thankful today for a challenge or be thankful today if you have an opportunity to be “bored”; turn it into relaxation and preperation for a challenge ahead!