6 more Months of Learning, Growing, Developing.

Will learning and growing ever end?? Nope….and it shouldn’t. However, there are times when I feel a concentrated amount of learning taking place. Usually through pressure and squeezing of my brain and heart, right?! The strain that requires we learn or bust. From that comes growing. “Growing pains” isn’t just a phrase, it is a true affect of choosing to grow.

Development is the final part where we actually see some hope peeking through. We begin to see what the learning and growing from pain and stretching is creating in us. Developing into the person we should have been. Developing tools to deal with situations in the right way vs. the less mature way. Developing a prayer life that takes the Word and correct thinking into consideration rather than our old way of making decisions. Development is like getting on the scale and seeing that a month of dieting and excercise resulted in losing 20lbs. At that moment, all the hunger and sweat were worth the result.

Is every strain worth development? Yes! How long will it take to see full development? Forever! That is the tough part for us to wrap our mind around. How can we go through so much thinking, “This time I figured it out” and turn around to have to start up the next mountain of learning? 

We won’t be fully sanctified (or mature) until we get to heaven and the trying is over. We won’t dodge conflict or learning until we come to the end and face the Final Say. I am learning that growing and development is a non-negotiable. I am learning to humble myself enough to lose the mindset that “I should have figured it all out by now”. That, I repeatedly have to tell myself, is a slippery dark slope. One in which shuts the door to being teachable. Being teachable is being humble and being humble is being teachable. At even 90 years old we should still be teachable. 

My desire and prayer is to be humble, teachable, flexible, longsuffering and willing to learn. As I look at the past 6 months that we have been consulting and revitalizing for different organizations, we have actually been the ones learning and growing. Though life is not safe and secure and set out before us, we are making a point to stay humble and teachable. We are waiting on God to plant us in THE CITY we are to make a covenant with and devote our lives to. Until then, learning, growing and developing is welcomed as preparation for that day. 



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