The Fasting is over….more on the horizon.

My fasting journey ended on September 28th sadly. I wasn’t eager to eat whatever I wanted, I didn’t feel “free”, I wasn’t ready for normalcy again. I truly felt more in control and completely out of control all at the same time when I fasted! I didn’t feel bound by temptations and desires for food or junk, it wasn’t an option. I didn’t hear the voice of God audibly or see writing in the clouds but I did have stirring in my heart and mind. 

The stirring was painful and confusing and exciting and wonderful ALL at the same time. We had God tell us “no” on some plans and ideas; plans we weren’t even asking about actually. Then we had God tell us “yes”, “maybe”, “Dream bigger Shawn and Sonny” too. I think God was waiting until we fasted, maybe until we matured enough to choose to fast, to reveal more long term plans to us. 

I believe a new fast will be required in the near future. I am not excited to eat less and adjust life again but I am excited to hear the next steps from God again. He is so wonderful, so faithful, so gracious and fun! I highly encourage obedience in the spirit to kill the disobedience of the flesh. It is faith in action and faith can move mountains!


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